Boarding School and Peoples General Knowledge Essay

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According to peoples general knowledge they have this particular image when it comes to a schools culture. But in reality every school has its own culture. For example my schools’ culture was very different from Joseph Suina’s, but in someways the same. Due to us both attending boarding school, it allows me to compare myself to him. Despite these differences and similarities, the different cultures still allowed us to excel in our future.
At the age of twelve i switched from my boarding school to a public school. This experience reminds me of the same experience that Suina went through. When he started school at the age of six Suina says “It was a new and bewildering experiences. One I will not forget”(4). Like this young six year old walking into my new public school evoked the same emotions. I was not use to not wearing a uniform and how building was set up. Just like Sunia “it took some effort to return the second day and many times thereafter”(4). I connect with him on his experiences on his first day.
The bureau of Indian affairs boarding schools was an hour away from his own home. The boarding school i attended was two hours away from my house. Even though both boarding schools were far away from home both my parents and his occasionally visited. When our parents would visit they always brought home cooked meals for us to enjoy. My favorite mel they brought up was spanish rice.
Being far from home left me homesick on many occasions like Sunia “I longed from my