Bob Herbert's Our Schools Must Do Better

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In “Our Schools Must Do Better”, Bob Herbert argues that it is vital for schools to be improved because students are falling behind in an increasing technological world. He provides two direct ideas for possible improvements. First, Herbert suggests that while it is known how important the quality of teachers is, not enough research has been done about what makes an effective teacher. He also notes that emphasis has been placed on credentials and quantification rather than proven effectiveness (90). He does a good job of addressing on possible counterargument for a change to the current system, the issue of tenure, by saying that new guidelines would be assessed during the first few years of a teacher’s career. Herbert’s second point of emphasis for change is increasing the variety of school models to accommodate different types of student’s. One of his arguments for this is the success of the KIPP charter school network, though he does not provide an extensive amount of information on the model in …show more content…
She makes some well-cited arguments about the costs, both monetary and environmental, of growing certain foods year round in various climates and then shipping them around the country or importing them from abroad. She gives excellent insight in to the American system of food production, from the farming process to how food arrives in the supermarket. One can appreciate her breakdown of terms and information and particularly for a first year college student, it is a well-written argument. She does not neglect counterarguments and provides great examples such as critics who say that buying local hurts foreign economies and is detrimental to third world workers. She has a very clear understanding of why smaller polyculture farms are in the long run much better for our bodies, our ecosystem, and our