Bob Marley “ the Political Movement Behind the Music” Essay

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Bob Marley “ The Political Movement Behind The Music”

There’s a long list of musicians that have utilized their musical genius to impose a change upon the masses of society. Many to this day are only recognizable through their music but not by the changes that they contributed to society. Some musicians stand out when compared to others because of their political views ,but when spirituality is used to infuse the souls of many who share a common life experience through the means of music this is an iconic event. The focal point of this paper is to illustrate the social change and impact that Bob Marley had upon a vast majority of the world’s population. His influence upon the many who experienced the different aspects of
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The Wailing Wailers was a big group and also included Junior Braithwaite, Beverly Kelso, and Cherry Smith. The group became quite popular in Jamaica, but they had difficulty making it financially, so many members soon departed from the group. This is when Bob moved to the United States to live with his mother. In February of 1966 he met and married Rita Anderson then left the United States after eight months to return back to Jamaica to reunite with Livingston and McIntosh to reform the Wailers.

There was more than one layer to Bob Marley, this is what made him a cornerstone for political and spiritual issues. Bob Marley was a Rastafari, which is a religion that cannot be converted to by faith as in the since of an individual becoming a Christian. Being Rastafarian instead is a way of life which is to be lived. Bob Marley as all Rastafarians belief is, that the spirit is a wave that travels through the soul and only can be revealed throughout our stages of life. Bob Marley was considered to be a messenger, one whom would bring about the true meaning of “ One Love” and a change into this world. His music was and is vehicle that joined an international tribe from all races and gave birth to a universal love for all humanity.

An astounding three hundred million copies of Bob Marley’s music have been sold worldwide. He has also been recognized by many top notch magazines and artist. Time Magazine published a