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Christian Spates
September 3, 2014
Period 1 On Wednesday thirteen people, including children, were injured when an experiment went wrong at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada.
Four of those fourteen wounded were treated and were released and the other nine were transported to a local hospital. Out of the injured there were two young children and four adults were treated at the hospital for chemical burns to their arms hand and face. They were hurt in an explosion caused by a tornado experiment which chemicals were mixed incorrectly which cause a chemical flash to occur. The reason this topic is so significant is because people got injured at a place that most people would say that’s very odd but it could happen. Several people we severally burned on their hand, arms, skin and face including two young children. Not this means just because you’re at a family area and most out the items in there are either dead or fake doesn’t mean you can’t get injured or even killed. This goes to prove that not even place is safe and you can get hurt pretty much anywhere in the world including the softest place on earth. I think people should be more careful when it comes to things like that especially
When it comes to kids because it hurts more to see kids get hurt than adults even thought
It hurts to see them get hurt too. I really don’t have anything to say about this accident other than safety so become more and more improved but things…