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Chase Pendleton 3A Unemployment My topic is on unemployment had how it is a big part of everybody’s lives and my solution on how to make unemployment not such a big deal in my community. They say unemployment is a very growing thing in the United States and should be stopped. The problem I’m focusing on is unemployment. The problem with unemployment is that it is leading many people to be homeless and stuck on the streets. It is hurting the younger kids that have nothing because their parents can’t keep their jobs. My solution on unemployment is to teach people that school is very important and getting a high paying job that you are very educated in and you enjoy is a big part of staying money smart. Unemployment is a very bad thing and it’s not the answer for anyone especially if you have a big growing family. Unemployment is bad thing because you have no money coming in and you won’t be able to pay for the things you want. My supporting evidence on this is pretty simple because I’m sure everybody agrees that not have money and not making a living is rough. People now a day’s love having fun and going out to eat, movies, shopping, traveling and not have a job won’t lead to any of these entertaining things. The opportunity cost of unemployment is immense when considering the scale of the United States economy. When workers are unemployed, they are unable to produce output. According to the economist Arthur Okun, for every 1% that the official unemployment rate exceeds the natural rate of unemployment, there is a 2% gap between actual and potential real GDP. Given the GDP and unemployment figures from 2009, when actual output was $14 trillion and unemployment was 10%, and assuming a natural rate of 5%, actual output may have been $1 trillion to $2 trillion below its potential. By way of comparison, a $2 trillion output gap is like sacrificing the entire economic output of France.9 (Mayer, David A. "Why Is Unemployment Bad?" Netplaces. 1 May 2012. Web.) Ways to fix unemployment is by teaching adults and younger adults on how important high school and going to a good college and studying stuff you like and a going further on what you like and making it you career were you can make money and don’t have to worry about being unemployed. Evidence on how well the statement work is on the charts and showing how people that are finishing school and getting an education are not going unemployed. Other ways I plan on fixing unemployment is by teaching people that a good resume is very important. Having a good back ground is a very soiled thing to have and will catch the bosses eye. Evidence on this statement is that number on thing on getting any kind of job requires a good resume and a great back ground. Good ways of fixing unemployment is teaching how to be professional on an interview and dressing nice. That will show that boss that you’re serious and you want to keep this job and that will give him confidence in you. These small things will get you a job and away for unemployment. Evidence on this is easy because you’ll won’t get a job dressing and looking like a scum so dressing nice and being professional in the interview is a big part of the work force. Answering questions in your areas of expertise, joining discussion groups, and asking contacts from your contract or volunteer work to write recommendations for your profile are all good ways to raise your visibility in your field, Baur notes. Likewise, the more active and involved you can get in professional and trade associations, the better. The point is to get to know people outside a formal job application or interview process," she says. "A person you meet informally who is looking to hire someone with your skills and qualifications, and who is impressed with you, will often want to bring you on board" -- even if they do happen to work for a company with a policy of hiring the already employed. (Fisher, Annie. "Will Being