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Group Presentation

Assignment Type: Group

This group presentation will provide an opportunity to study the information system of the company previously selected for the group strategy paper. Be sure the focus is on the strategic advantages and not the technology of the information system used. The presentation should include the following sections:
1. Introduction – Include the name of the company, the group number, and the group presenters.
2. The Company – A brief recap of the company from the strategy paper to include a brief background, the industry they are in, and their competitive strategy.
3. IS Description - A description of the information system(s) used by the company to include the components and the business processes it supports. Be sure to include the technology used to administer the system such as the servers, network, etc.
4. Web Presence – Give a detailed description of any web presence the organization has.
5. Identify The Problem - Discuss any problem(s) the company had and how they were solved using information systems.
6. The Company's IS Strategy - Describe the company's strategy in using the information system(s) to help achieve their goals and objects.
7. IS Evaluation - Discuss your group's thoughts on how effective the IS was for the company, the benefits of the system, the future use of the system, and a statement of what your group learned from researching the company, and any surprises you may have found.

Group Presentation Requirements:
Each group will present using the following guidelines:
1. Time Frame – Each presentation should be 10 - 15 minutes in length.
2. PowerPoint – Each group must create a