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Extended Essay Exemplar Evaluation Sheet

1. How long is the abstract? Does it include the following information:
It is a paragraph long
a. the research question
It does not.
b. how and why it was investigated, including the subjects involved and how they were brought together
It was investigated by examining the various underlying feminine parts of the book; they are brought together in the examinations of each element.
c. the conclusion. (Criterion J)
It does not.
2. What is the research question? Where do you find it? (Criterion A)
The question is “To what extent is The Lord of the Rings an empowering work for the female?”. It is found on the title page of the paper.
3. Is there a clear introduction? What is contained in it? (Criterion B)
There is a clear introduction; it is on the third page shown in the table of contents.
4. Summarize the student’s argument? Is it logical? (Criterion E)
The argument agrees that the book presents a strong male influence but asserts that there are many underlying instances where the feminine role is prominent and it would be foolish to dismiss such occurrences
5. How did the student reveal a deep understanding of the topic? (Criterion G)
They demonstrated understanding through the presentation of relevant information and a deep analysis of the topic.

6. Approximately how much of the paper is the student’s analysis or thinking, and how much is researched from others? Is there a variety of resources? (Criterion C)
The student has a lot of his paper dedicated to citing the source of his thoughts but also there is a great deal of analysis involved in conjunction. Also there is a wide variety of pertinent resources in the paper.
7. Does the student question or analyze the outside sources? (Criterion F)
Yes the student brings in two other works to support the argument.
8. How many sources are used in the