Boces: Time and Term Career Goal Essay

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My favorite thing about my life is my family and friends and I know that might make me a little different but being different is what I am about. Nobody should feel ashamed to be different. I have been through a lot and in the end I am still a good person who fills their life with good and positive activities like a part time job, cheerleading, colorguard and band. I don’t live for money I work for it and my goals in life aren’t fame and fortune or selfish. I love to make my family, friends and mostly myself proud. I love to prove people wrong and to inspire and give hope to others. To show the world that no matter how many bad situations someone has been through, where you come from, and how you were raised you can still be good at something and do well for the world. You can still live your dreams and be happy.
I feel that everyone has been through some tough time including me but no matter what happens I keep my spirits up. I’m always dependable and honest. IN shool I don’t cheat I work hard for each and every grade on my transcript and at work im always very punctual. Beause I was apart of many things during my high school areer like cheerleading, colorguard, fashion show and more I have learned two very important skills, Hard Work and Leadership. I have learned that in order to get things done in a timely manner and correctly you have to work hard and be determined at the same time. The skill of determination is very important in life as you grow up and began to work because you can’t just stay down when life knocks you down you have to get back up or you won’t get anywhere. In being captain of cheerleading and colorguard I have also learned the skill of leadership. Being able to lead a group of people to do the right thing as a captain, a role model, and a good person. Being able to form families within a sports group and put together multiple routines for the entire school to watch, but along with this leadership skill I have learned team work. I could not have gotten anything done without an amazing team and co captains and listening and taking their suggestion. All of the skills that I have learned and are still learning in high school already come in handy at my current place of employment, Target., where I have to continuously work hard, be a leader for newer people but at the same time be a team player and work as a unit.
I have been interested in the medical field ever since elementary school. I always wanted to help people and medicine has always interested me. During the past couple of years I have learned that Math and Science is an important part of the medical field. I also learned that if I am good at math and love the fact that if I complete my short term career goal of