Body and Mind Essay examples

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The body and mind are both different & separated elements. Descartes explains that he has sensed his head, hands, feet and the other physical objects of his body. The body alone can be affected by sensations which may be harmful or beneficial which relate to sensations that result in pleasure and pain. Along with these emotions or sensations Descartes further explains his physical presence when he is made aware of other experiences such as hunger, thirst and emotions of joy and anger. All these emotions and senses distinguish all humans and how they are observed. The functions of the human body without restriction will often occur. The ability to resist from bodily functions is inevitable. The relationships distinguished with his body alone are special feelings that will not have any connections to others. Instances of the body such as twitching of the stomach or the dry throat leads to actions taken that can be only explained by nature. Nature teaches Descartes that he is not just a pilot lodged inside a body but that he is so conjoined to the body he is the controller. If Descartes was merely a pilot these emotions would not need to be apprehended to when occurred. The senses and emotions that arise from the body and that are given a response on how to act is the body (form) and the mind (matter) working together. The mind plays a vital role and involvement in the essential development of the human. All bodies are individual and unique; these are the bodies that make up our society. The body and mind can be identified as separate as both play their individual role in the body, but still have an influence on each other. This affects the perspective of others as both physical and mental states either have a negative or a positive relation or attraction to surrounding bodies. The body teaches you…