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Body Art On a day to day basis people interact with each other with their bodies. Who someone is has less to do with their body and more to do with their minds yet our bodies are just as important even though they are only a medium for communication. Body art which can be considered tattooing, piercing, plastic surgery, or in general the physical changing of the body. People use body art to express who they are as a person.
In the article by Lynne Carroll, the author gathers some research on body art. The article states that the majority of the people in have body art do it to express themselves but also for a search for self-identity. Also the article states that body art is popular with adolescence because of a search for a self-identity and control over their bodies. I believe these motivations are true. Having known many people who have many tattoos and piercings I believe that the main drive behind body art is for self-expression. Because body art is an unnatural thing, meaning it is purposefully changing what you naturally look like, some people tend to shy away from it and reject it. Also because most methods of body art are permanent people are against. When someone refers to body art, they might go straight to the extreme side of body art but people don’t realize is that we have had body art norms in society for a long time. For example, ear piercing is an acceptable type of body art in society but many people don’t usually refer to this as body art because the extreme image of body art is what comes to mind first. Because of this body art is seen as deviant behavior but with the increase in its popularity I believe it is becoming more and more acceptable and normal in society. I believe that body art is an individual preference that people get to decide whether or not it is something they want. In some cultures, new and old, body art is a very big part of their culture. In some it can be a rite of passage so I don’t believe it to be deviant. Also you can makes the argument that clothes can be considered a type of…