Body fat and eating disorders Essay

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Body Fat and Eating Disorders Paper
Sunshine Nordman, 02/08/2015 SCI/241
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Let’s begin this summary off with explaining the meaning of body composition. Body composition is divided into two separate masses, the first being fat- free mass which consist of the fatty tissues in your body. The fat -free mass consist of a few key element through are body such as, body tissue, muscle, bones and water. The second mass is actual body fat, throughout the body. In over all actuality most people don't realize that are bodies are suppose to have a certain amount of body fat which is described as, healthy body. On the other hand, most Americans have accumulated the "bad fat", which leads to overweight and unhealthy bodies and poor health. With all these matters combined together leads into what was known as obesity.

The most commonly found factors in which are found to be major contributors to obesity are ,the higher increased intake of sugar sweetened based beverages ,over sized portions of food intake, and the value sizing of less nutritional consumption on a daily bases. Because of the overweight issues that adult Americans posses, it has lead are youth to believe that skinny is what you should be. This has caused a new rage to become too skinny are youth will do anything to become skinny which has lead to a few undesirable eating disorders.

These eating disorders are destroyers of the body, for instance Anorexia nervosa, in which leads to a server decline in the body’s nutritional intake which causes malnutrition and dehydration. Bulimia Nervosa, is the over use of laxatives that have caused lazy bowels. Last is Binge eating disorder that becomes a problem in the bowl system and ingestion system. All three cause malnutrition and dehydration

A prime example of anorexia, happened in 1983, to a women who the world watched in front of their very own eyes diminishes into almost nothing her name was Karen Carpenter. Once the disorder took over her body and mind, she was beyond any type of help, this disorder robbed her body of nutrition and severe dehydration and then she passed on, because of the issues in which this disorder leads into. Another famous