Body Image and the Media Essay

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After watching the Mindy Khaling clip I found it to be quite interesting that the public responded this way. In my opinion I think Mindy handled the backlash very well in a sense that I don’t think she let it get to her. Being a star of her stature she is constantly surrounded by actresses and models who differ in body type and that has not seemed to sway her own body image (as far as I can tell). Therefore, her making light of the situation and embracing the photo that was released seemed very genuine on her part. In regards to Elle magazine I believe it was a tasteful yet tactful decision. The cover was very much editorial and seemed fitting for a fashion magazine. However, I do believe that they purposely did not show a head to toe body shot because they knew the public would compare Mindy’s body type to the others actresses on the covers.
Lena Dunham could have handled her controversy with Vogue better due to the fact that her brand goes again something that Vogue stands for. I can see how Dunham’s following could easily become upset after these photos were released because they could possibly feel betrayed. The positive body images that Lena Dunham portrays on her HBO show Girls is not that of Vogues editors. The simple fact that they continue to airbrush and Photoshop these models and celebrities shows that they have a very subjective view on how the female body should be contoured. If I were in any of these situations I would make it clear to my fans and the public