Body Modification and Elder Daughter Sh-quaila Essay

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Bernice Harris
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my chameleon style My elder daughter Sh-quaila is a proclaimed chameleon of style. She makes bold fashion choices such as mixing stripes with polka dots and bright colors. She refuses to follow regulations for her career path by getting body piercing and tattoos in obvious places. She has chosen to decorate her room with an eclectic mix of art and wall color. The combination of these elements makes her unique and unconventional person with a style of her own. My daughter’s fashion choices are always unexpected. She will create outrageous combinations with bright colors, short skirts, and snow boots in the wintertime. She uses her clothes as a daily creative outlet transitioning from a sophisticated young adult, to a punk rocker, and then a bohemian all within the same week. She feels the same amount of comfort in a long gypsy skirt, curly hair, and bangles as she feels in orange jeans, black fingernails, and piles of black eyeliner. Despite all of the conventional choices she makes in her wardrobe, her expression goes far beyond the confines of apparel. In addition to putting her clothing together in unique ways, she uses body adornments for additional self expression. Despite intentions to go to medical school, she has pierced her nose, tongue and eyebrow. She refuses to take any heed to others who advise her against making such polarizing choices about her appearance. She recently added a tattoo of a Sanskrit character on the side of her neck to her collection of body adornments. She is well aware that status quo advises against such permanent extremes but she proudly deflects all criticism with a smile. The combination of these things is a conversation starter on its own, and often illicit stares and double-takes when she is in public places. My daughter uses her body as an extension of her imagination but her body modifications are modest in comparison to her décor in her home. The obvious thing to all that enter my daughter’s home is that she is not intimidated by wall color. You would assume, upon walking into her foyer, that her favorite fruit is apples. From the green and red striped walls to the homemade art incorporating apple shaped Christmas ornaments to the scent of apple pie potpourri in the air, the impression is thorough. One would be mistaken, however, if