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The first argument for economic development brings negative effects to the environment is that deforestation and urban expansion which caused by rapid economic increase and population growth leads to degradation of ecological environment, such as soil erosion and natural habitat loss. Firstly, the main cause of soil erosion is deforestation for trade and farmland. Nowadays, in some less-developed countries, the living pressure increases with the numbers of population. These people have to cut down the trees for trade and use the land for farming. That may hide danger of soil danger in the future. According to Pakenham (2005), for example, in Nepal, the people cut down the trees, using the resources to support their life and making land for agriculture. But in a short time, the soil became unproductive and incapable because the rain washed out the fertile topsoil. Furthermore, in Brazil, the people destructed the rain forest for economic growth, but the land cannot grow anything because they destroy the recycling of natural nutrients to the soil (Pakenham 2005). It shows that deforestation which cause by economic development may produces negative impacts to the environment. Secondly, urban expansion is a threat to the nature. He (2014) reports that urbanization has resulted a serious effect in loss of natural habitat, it will cause of declines in biodiversity directly and it may disrupt local-regional ecosystems. According to HE (2014), in China, because of the economic