Body Ritual among the Nacierma Essay

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In today’s world most people do not put enough focus on the importance of learning their own customs, values, and cultural beliefs. For example, someone may not appreciate or even find their own culture until someone from the outside says that they need to. All the diversity can be over whelming for an outsider looking in. But for the individuals in the community, it is just their normal day-to-day life. When I first started to read the “Body Ritual among the Nacierma” I didn’t understand it. I then found that by end of the first page the story all of a sudden it hit me so I began to re read it over again and the story gave me a whole new perspective on things. I then took interest.
The Nacirema people show a very strange and different practice and belief system, which makes them really different from other cultural groups. They are one of the cultural groups, which can be called extreme because of their behaviors. Some of their extreme behavior is a chest box that they hang on their wall. It contains charms and positions and they believe that they cannot live with out it or any of the stuff in the box. The median man is extremely important in their culture because that is the person who picks all ingrates that should go in the positions and they then wright it in down in an

Ancient book. This is unlike our customs and most other peoples as well. They do not even consider their behaviors to be extreme. This may seem strange to some people, but to some it seems very interesting. I personally find it to be very intriguing myself.
Almost all of the Nacirema people have their lives focused and devoted on economic pursuits. This makes them very hard working people. This behavior is not uncommon because most cultural groups in the whole world practice it. The uncommon thing about their pursuits is why they are doing it. Most of their efforts and labor fruits they pick go in their rituals they do. From these values it is very clear that these people have strong cultural values. This ritual does not cause cultural relativism since these beliefs apply in almost any other cultural today. They are the aspects that cause the group to be interesting to the people who try to study them. Ceremonial aspects and associated philosophy are unique.
The reason that people have the strange thoughts and mystery in their beliefs of this cultural group