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My Antonia is a book about a young Bohemian girl named Antonia Shimerda, and a young man named Jim Burden. Instead of talking about the present the author begins in the past while Jim and Antonia are adolescents. At the age of 10 Jim’s parents past away and is sent to live with his grandparents in Nebraska. When Jim meets his grandparents his way of life changes from the life in Virginia to The Wild West. As the days progress Jim is acquainted with young Antonia from giving her immigrated family food from Jim’s grandparents farm. While acquainted Jim really hits it off with Antonia when he agrees to teach her English. As the story continues it just focuses on the lives of Jim and Antonia their occupations and social life Jim is accepted to Harvard Law School and becomes a lawyer, and Antonia is an exotic dancer at once and a housewife. The character that I have chosen to talk about is Antonia. Antonia Shimerda is a young joyful, nimble, affectionate. This was all before her dancing days, and her child which was had out of wedlock. She had a very big transition in her life from being a adolescent with beautiful eyes, brown hair, and a lot of beauty inside and out. With having 10 children Antonia must set out to work and try to find a job that will provide for her family, because of her fiancé who left her. But during this time in the story she shows bravery, courage,strength. The theme that I have chosen to talk about is from Jim’s character. And the theme that