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As Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist from the University of California, San Francisco stated, by using technology so often, we are exposing our brains to a new environment and asking them to do things we are not evolved to do. The controversy on whether technological improvements have benefitted the human population or put us at risk is grand. From the three sources, I conclude that technology is putting us at risk because it is a distraction, it can become an addiction, and it has made life interactions less intimate. As the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” states, Google has so much information along with continuous pop up ads and irrelevant information. Due to this, humans end up understanding, remembering, and learning less. Technology has resulted in the loss of a human capability to focus by these uncountable bursts of information. Multitasking has now made it harder to focus and shut out irrelevant information. The article written by Matt Richtel even says that scientists say that multitaskers experience more stress. Though most people consider the Internet a technology to find better information at a faster speed, it is in fact too distracting for the human brain. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Bluetooth headsets are all technological inventions that have made humans more addicted to electronics and gadgets. People are so consumed and obsessed with the Internet that they have forgotten what it is like to go a day without checking e-mails! Studies from the article written by Matt Richtel show that in 2008, people consumed three times as much information each day than in 1960, and that computer users at work check e-mails or other programs like it nearly 37 times an hour. Though social media and online communication is useful in more than one way, society ends up abusing it’s advantages and becoming addicted. Most people are guilty of using our cellphones at the dinner table, at least once or twice. Maybe some are guilty of using it every night! The Internet has allowed the idea of privacy to vanish. People can now quickly post pictures, videos, and