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Business Organisation and Management Journal
Lesson 1
We began the BOM lesson on the 28th of April by acquiring our Business assignment of HRM management. The task given was a group assignment so I decided to join a 4 man group made up with Jacob Kemp, Billy Prananta and Patrick Bui.
Lesson 2
Today our group read over the HRM assignment. We began to reason over the several scenarios available to choose from such as
Recruitment, selection and induction, including job analysis
Training and Development and Performance Appraisal
Maintenance and renewal, Turnover and attrition
Industrial Conflict
Workplace Relations
Our four man group all decided on choosing the scenario of Industrial Conflict which has the scenario of a pregnant woman is pressured into resigning for taking to many toilet breaks. The scenario gives use four character to work with being a Human Resource Manager, Store Manager, 1 or 2 employee/s, Union Representative with will be given to each member of the job next lesson
Lesson 3
In today’s lesson we decided to give each member of the group a certain role for our role-play of Industrial Conflict.
Human Resource Manager: Jacob Kemp
Store Manager: Billy Prananta 1 employee: Patrick Bui
Union Representative: Myself (Chris)
After we choose the roles for the role-play I decided to research the different roles the Human Resource Manager and Union Representative took during a workplace dispute. Next lesson our group will choose from the different question to be answered for the report of Industrial Conflict.
Lesson 4
Today the group chose from the different question from the task sheet to be answer from the topic of industrial conflict for the report. The question included
Explain Industrial Relations (Jacob)
Research the current ‘state of play’ of Fair ‘Work Australia’ (on internet), make reference to Work Choices which was replaced in 2009. (Patrick)
Describe forms of industrial disputes (Billy)
Describe the means of resolution (Myself)
Jacob, Billy and I choose the question we wanted to answer and the final question was given to Patrick as that day he had been absent. The next lesson I will begin I research the conflict resolution.
Lesson 5
The next lesson was made up the each group member to research their chosen question on the internet. As for me I chose to first read from the book “Business Organisation and Management for Queensland” so I could get the detailed response to means of resolution through Industrial Conflict. As I read the certain pages of the book I got a deep understand of the topic so I began to right a detailed introduction to my report stating “what is industrial conflict”. The next lesson I will be research the different methods to resolve a workplace dispute.
Lesson 6
Today I research the different methods of resolving a workplace dispute through the methods of conciliation, arbitration and mediation. I learnt that the three methods of resolution are very different in how they are resolved and the different people you may need to go through to resolve a conflict. After researching I have added the information of methods to resolve a conflict to my report answer questions including
How are conflicts resolve (with each method)
Who resolves the conflicts (with each method)
Advantages of using each method
Next lesson is the final lesson for my research for my report in which I will be researching the HRM role in resolving a workplace dispute.
Lesson 7
Today I…