Earth Liberation Front Research Paper

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Earth Liberation Front

The Earth Liberation Front and Weather Underground were both similar and different. Both groups were fighting for a good cause. Both groups set property on fire by using homemade bombs. Weather Underground bombed buildings because they wanted to end the war, while the Earth Liberation Front wanted to end cruelty to the environment. Although the groups have similarities, they are also different. The Weather Underground would bomb buildings during the day. But, the called, left letters and emailed people around the building warning them about the bomb. Where as the Earth Liberation Front did their bombings at night and left no warnings. The Weather Underground and Earth Liberation Front both basically did the same thing; set property on fire by bombing. The government was a lot harsher on the Earth Liberation Front. This is because it happened after 9/11, where as the Weather Underground happened way before 9/11. The people from the Weather Underground were let go while the people from the ELF were sentenced to many years in jail and even classified as a terrorist. Daniel and Bill both took actions in their own hands to fight against an unjust cause. Daniel started off as a look out and then eventually did the bombings, bill Ayers also did bombings. I believe that Bill Ayers is guiltier of terrorism because he set more buildings on fire and went against the government. He targeted government buildings, where as Daniel targeted lumber buildings. I don’t think the actions of the ELF helped the environmental movement as a whole. The group should have done more research on the places they bombed. The one incident that hurt them the most would be when they set the tree farm on fire. The group knew that the company was in new ownership and was known to create genetic trees. The ELF decided to burn the farm down. But what they did not know was that all of the trees were real. Therefore, the ELF destroyed actual trees, this made people against them. The one action I would say helped them would be when they burned the horse factory down. They had stopped a facility from making any more production that they had been trying to stop for years. By camping out by the forests all year long building forts with gates that looked like they were from