The Right To Vote In The Early 1900's

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North American women have had to overcome many adversities throughout the course of time. A much older topic that is well known to women having a struggle with, is the right to vote. Many women’s voices have gone unheard over the period of a long time in the early 1900’s. After several years of struggling as housewives, relying on their husbands to provide for the family, women finally battled to get the right to vote and have their opinion valued. Throughout U.S.A. some states were slower than others to let women vote, but eventually the country allowed them too. Canada and Mexico also had this problem, but both were able to remove this law and women’s voice’s are now heard. Finding jobs was also a major problem for women in this region throughout time and currently still is somewhat of an issue but not nearly as much as years past. Women are to be believed to be poor workers and unable to do work sufficiently as men would do it. Another issue in North America that isn’t as big of a concern here as it is in other countries, is human trafficking. Prostitution is the oldest profession but has turned into a slave trade where other people sell these women for sexual acts and these women have no choice but to do as they are told. These women have grown into it and most did not have a choice and even little girls and boys as little as 4 and 5 years old are trafficked. This is such a profitable business for the head of the operation because these women and kids can be sold more than once unlike drugs. This problem hasn’t been solved as many problems go unsolved, but this has improved very much over time especially in North America, but still remains a major problem in other countries. North America can improve on many aspects of women being equal such as domestic violence. Men still abuse the power off being physically more capable than a woman, generally speaking, and even though it is outlawed the government cannot keep an eye on every household in the country and women's rights may be getting better there may never be a complete end to violation and discrimination of women.

Throughout the rest of the world women’s rights remains a much larger problem than in North America, but also have greatly improved. The women of the Middle-East have fallen to inequality more so than anyone else in the world. Many women are confined to their homes 24 hours a day and do as they are told by their husband or "master". Women comprised less than 10% of the world's jobs 50 years ago and now those numbers have drastically rose to a more equal state among both genders. The human trafficking that occurs in foreign countries is astonishing. This globally is a problem but more common in third world countries. Women are abused daily if they fight back or don't do as they're told or even if they didn't do their job well. Prostitution is very common and unfortunate especially for the women who have had no say in their lives and no way to leave their job. Today, however, 125 countries outlaw domestic violence. One hundred and seventeen countries outlaw sexual harassment. And 187 nations have agreed to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. These numbers were nowhere near this good 50 years ago, but we still have a long way to go to achieve equality.