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Caitlin Pause, PhD

Human Development and Function
Week 21 Assignment- a

Please note my name change – I sent in the required documents and this should be adjusted some- Rhonda Bompensa (formerly Rhonda Davis- precious married name but now divorced) Ok 

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Thank you for this assignment. I have reviewed your work and added in my comments throughout; please see them and let me know if you have any questions. In this first assignment, you were given a chance to explore the six orientations of human development. Each orientation makes different assumptions about human development (for example, is development nature/nurture, continuous/discontinuous, individual/context-specific, driven internally/externally). Understanding these larger orientations is important before you dive into the specific theories of human development (like Freud, Bandura, Piaget, Bronfenbrenner) and learning more about physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development across the lifespan.

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Introduction to a Lifespan Development Topic for My Signature Assignment
Six Theories of Human Development
Rhonda Bompensa
Northcentral University

Introduction to a Lifespan Development Topic for My Signature Assignment
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the process of deciding on a relevant lifespan development topic, as a Health Psychology student, that I will submit for review as I begin to prepare for my signature assignment. I will note how comfortable I felt going through the warm-up activity steps listed in the learner portal activity description (warm up 2.1) and identify which of the 5 steps I have used before. Next, I will discuss how comfortable I feel accessing information in the Northcentral University (NCU) library. Finally, I will identify what further support I think I may need to be able to be proficient at library searches and choosing a research topic.
Choosing a Topic
The first step I followed this week was to review the 5 steps involved in choosing a topic to submit for approval from my professor, which are listed in the PSY7013 course assignment post for week 2 (NCU, 2014). While I have used similar steps in the past, I have never specifically followed each step, step-by-step before but I did so this time and found it helpful in keeping me on topic with ample research to review. For example, I thought about a topic relevant to my profession by browsing through the required textbook for this course, began researching a general topic in the NCU library, found some articles applicable to my topic, took some notes on the articles that I think will be of use in the future, and then narrowed down a topic of interest to me.