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It was a cold, winter afternoon in early November. I was on my way home after having what felt like a long, never ending day of chaos. As soon as I arrive, I hear barking which tells me someone beat me home. When I stumble through the door the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies overwhelmed me. I took one hard look at the cookies and convinced myself that they were for me. First, I checked to see if my mom was busy, then I stole two cookies. The cookies instantly melted in my mouth.
After I consumed my two, gooey chocolate chip cookies, I headed to my room to start packing. Every time I pack I always forget something. Once I realized what I have forgotten, I become angry with myself for forgetting something again. I remember asking my mom if I could bring my rip stick, which is like an updated skateboard. It has two wheels and they rotate 360 degrees. She squinted her eyes and firmly said “no.” My face instantly turned red and I was so mad that I felt like a ticking time bomb. I frantically stormed out cussing and yelling because I wanted to take my rip stick with me and I was not allowed to.
I quickly headed to my room, put my headphones in, and tried calm down. Once I was done packing, all I could was think about riding that rip stick. I got up, checked to see if my mom was looking, and I went through a side door in the garage in search of my rip stick. I got inside, I grabbed my rip stick tightly, and put it in my bag.
Five minutes later my dad arrives. We always knew when my dad would come home because he would always honk his horn while pulling up the driveway. I started to carry my bags to the car. He was just getting out of the car and said “You ready to go see Susan?” He walked into the house, comes back out 5 minutes later, and we all hop in the car to leave.
We are commonly late to wherever we are going. I hate being late because I get really embarrassed. Finally we arrived to our meeting spot and Aunt Susan was in her car, smiling and ready to go. She is always excited to see me because she does not have any kids of her own. It has always made me feel even closer to my Aunt, which I love. We will always have a strong connection because of this.
We put all of my bags in her car and I finally felt at ease because no one has noticed my rip stick. While heading to her house, it was starting to get dark outside. Every time we drive back to her house, we go on the long, curvy, back roads. We were talking and then all of the sudden she slams on the brakes, and my head bangs into the dashboard. I looked up to see what had caused it and a huge deer was standing on the side of the road. Ever since that night I have looked for deer roaming around in dark, wooded areas.
Once we get to her house I knew I was in the clear. Later that night I had gotten the clever idea to ride my rip stick down a sharp hill at about 9:00 that night. I asked my aunt if I could and she asked if my parents would let me, I eagerly said yes. I get my rip stick out of the trunk and head up the hill. I had this little voice in the back of my head telling me no, but I kept going.
As I started the ride I felt invincible, like nothing could stop me.