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Britney Bonilla
BIBL 104-B40-LUO
February 13, 2013
Summary of the Old Testament Books
The book of genesis is mostly a narrative type of genre. Genesis (theme) talks about God himself as the creator of the world. He created all things in seven days and testified that it was good. Genesis also notes the origin of life, salvation, sin, how different ethnic group came to be, as well as the Hebrew nation. There are four major events that occurred in Genesis they are the following: Creation, disobedient of mankind to God, the Flood, and separation of the nations. Genesis involves four key characters that include; Abraham (father of faith), Isaac (child of promise), Jacob (the deceiver), and Joseph (the dreamer). Abrahams ultimate faith in God, caused God to enter into the first recorded covenant with mankind, even though Abraham failed at times God remained faithful to him. Isaac and his wife (a Canaanite of Abraham homeland name Rebekah) gave birth to twins Jacob and Esau. Jacob according to the bible had the birth rights (the father blessing normally given to the oldest son) however Esau, was by right the eldest son of the birth right. Esau showed no interest in obtaining his inheritance. Genesis uncovered over a period of time that Jacob took advantage of his brother’s weakness and tricked him into giving up his birth right to Jacob. When it was all said and done Jacob had lived up to the meaning of his name with the help of his mother, Jacob managed to swindle his father and receive the blessing that was intended for Esau, interestingly enough he went about it all wrong for God had already stated that the eldest would serve the younger (once again scripture allows us to see through this situation that if God tell you it going to happen it will come to pass). After his deception Jacob goes on the run because Esau has promise after the death of his father to kill him. Jacob left his home for fear of being killed by Esau. While on the run, Jacob had an encounter with the Lord God Almighty; God reveal himself to Jacob. Afterward, he built the alter as a memorial; the covenant God started with Abraham is now continue through Jacob. Jacob is then blessed with 12 children that each represents a tribe in the bible. Jacob ended up reaping what he had sewed, because at this time his eldest sons hated the dreamer (Joseph, the son Jacob seem to show favoritism) they actually plotted to kill him but one of the brothers; Judah interceded and they agreed to sell him into slavery. God was by Joseph every step of the way even though Joseph is sold into slavery, he spent several years in prison but God stood by him in every which way eventually giving him the opportunity to work with Pharaoh. Joseph was falsely accused of being intimate or attempting to become intimate with Pharaohs wife even though it was she that was making the advance but because Joseph refused to sin against God and become intimate with the Pharaohs wife. Joseph was then placed in prison but God raise him back up by giving him the gift to interpret a dream of the Pharaoh. In conclusion to Genesis the county with the exception of Egypt is experiencing a drought, and at that time Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to get grain to help with their farm. Joseph then recognizes his brother and after a few test, he reveals himself to them. Once he revealed himself to them he is then allowed by the Pharaoh to bring his family of seventy-five people to Egypt to continue living life. Joseph reveals to his brother that God was involved in the plan to carry on the life of them all. Jacob and Joseph both die in Genesis, towards the end Jacob implied that Judah would be the one in which the savior would come.


The book of Exodus is mainly a narrative material. The theme of Exodus reveal if the nations wanted to be in good standing with him they have to understand how he was to be worship, his rules (laws) and God even reveal his attributes, name also allowing them to under