Bonnie And Clyde's Go Down Together

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The book in enjoy the most and have read multiple times is Go Down Together. The book is based on the life stories of Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow and the Barrow gang. The book is based on a true story set during the great depression. The story is a mix of a love story and crime twisted into a short time period. Bonnie and Clyde first meet in the Dallas, Texas area after Clyde’s farming family moves to Dallas during the Great Depression. When they first meet Bonnie is married to a man named Roy Thornton who eventually runs off leaving Bonnie to fend for herself. At this time Clyde swoops in to purse Bonnie. Due to Clyde’s criminal history Bonnie’s mother despises their relationship. While on their first date Bonnie and Clyde are pursued …show more content…
Clyde is later captured for stealing another car and sent to Eastham Prison Farm, which at the time was one of the most brutal prisons in the state of Texas. During Clyde’s time in this prison he is abused and rapped by another inmate that he later kills by striking him in the head with a pipe. According to the book this is the beginning of Clyde’s violent streak when he is released from prison. Once Clyde is released from prison he meets up with Bonnie and they begin to go across country on a killing spree through five states. During this time they also meet up with Clyde’s brother Buck and his wife Blanch who accompanied them on this spree, which is the begging of the Barrow gang. While on the killing and robing spree the gang was placed on the FBI’s most wanted list due to bank robbing now being a federal offense. During their criminal spree Bonnie and Clyde would occasionally go back to the Dallas area to see family and friends. They would leave secret messages in areas for family to find so they could meet up in different locations. Whenever they would meet up with Bonnie’s family her mother would still try to convince to get away from Clyde but Bonnie