Bonnie, Ursus, And Neva

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September 2, 2013

Bonnie, Ursus, And Neva
Bonnie and Ursus were both American black bears who were happily married.
Bonnie loved Ursus more than she loved herself, Ursus was everything Bonnie had ever wished for. Bonnie and Ursus lived in Southern California, although Bonnie was happy with her home in southern california, Ursus was not. Ursus hated almost every single thing the South of California had to offer, he hated the geography and the weird and crazy weather the most. One day under the frustration caused by and intense hot day, Ursus lost his cool and said "That's it! I've had it with this place and it's weird weather! I'm moving north to the coldest place i can find." His wife of course didn't want to leave her home since her parents, grandparents and many precious generations had also lived there.
Ursus had been thinking about moving and how Bonnie was going to react to it.
"Would she come with me? Will i have to go alone without her? How will my wife take this?", Ursus asked himself. When the moment came, Ursus approached Bonnie, with an anxious and nervous face Ursus told Bonnie, "I have decided to move as north as possible.
Although i would love for you to come with me, I will go with you or without you".
Bonnie loved her husband like she loved no other but she couldn't just leave her family's history, her home, the home in which her family had lived in, the home that sheltered her since she was a cub. So she replied by saying, "I'm sorry my love but i can not go with you, you must travel alone in this one." As she said this her face dropped quickly. She blinked quickly to hide the tears that were about to well up and overflow, she blinked quickly to avoid the tears that were about to pour down her face. She looked disgusted but Ursus new this was real sadness. Bonnie fell to the floor, she was now on her knees. By Bonnie's screaming and crying, it wasn't hard to tell that Bonnie was in pain, pain she had never felt before, pain only that one special person can take away. Begging him not to leave Bonnie wrapped her arms around his knees very tightly. Ursus replied by saying, "My love do not cry as you are more that welcome to come with me, come let's start a new life!"
Bonnie managed to pull it together and she told Ursus "I'm sorry but i can not go with you, my place is here. My entire family lived here and i will raise my kids here. Now if you're not planning on staying please leave Ursus." Ursus did as he was told and left.
Ursus began to travel North, he was excited but he was also scared, so scared. His heart jumped, his face was flushed. While he walked he wondered if he had done the right thing by leaving his wife. At the same time his wife Bonnie was also thinking about the decision she had taken, and if she has done the right thing. No doubt, both were missing each other. Days passed and Bonnie was just as heartbroken as the first day, her eyes almost dried, she couldn't even walk right. Still thinking about Ursus, Bonnie asked herself "is my home really worth more to me than the one i love the most?" Then the truth hit her. She began to regret staying and after hours of thinking she said," Maybe it's not too late. Maybe i can catch up with him." Without a second thought Bonnie left her home immediately and headed north to find her husband.
Ursus had traveled up north so far, that he reached North Pole, Alaska. He decided to stay there, it was better than he expected it to be, Cold Wind and the geography was amazing. Although Ursus was happy in alaska, the other bears were not used to seeing and american black bear, so there was tension every time he tried to socialize with the polar bears. Everyone was afraid of been Ursus's friend. Everyone except Neva.
Neva was a beautiful polar bear. Her fur whiter than the freshest snow, her eyes were more beautiful than the brightest stars on the