Bonobo: Human and Bonobo Essay

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Samantha Biaesch
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Bonobo Essay

Untamed jungle, squawks of birds, streams and creeks crackling, and sheltering trees from the rain. This is a habitat where animals are able to thrive, such as the Bonobo. The Bonobo is a relative of apes and us, being this, the Bonobo’s are warm-hearted loving creatures. In a war stricken country the Bonobos struggle to survive. Pan Paniscus or Pgym Chimpanzee is the scientific name of the Bonobos. There has been controversy that the chimpanzees should not be regarded in the ‘Chimpanzee’ genus but the ‘Human’ genus. 98.7% is related between the Bonobo’s and us, this is why the scientists have been having going back and forth about the topic. Humans could also be put into the ‘Chimpanzee’ genus. Scientists have also stated that it would be unorganized to switch them, especially since Homo Sapiens were named before most things on earth.
1,000/10,000 Bonobos have died in the course of 25 years. Endangered is the only thing most people know them for, if anyone really knew them at all. Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary is the only sanctuary in the world for Bonobos; this is because the Bonobo’s could not survive anywhere else aside from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Lola Ya Bonobo provides a lifetime protection of any sick Bonobo. Releasing them into the wild is the main idea for Lola Ya Bonobo, so far they have successfully released Bonobos- even 3 Bonobo’s have been born in the wild! The Bonobo’s who are to be released into the wild are sent to Ekolo Ya Bonobo. There, the Bonobo’s are finally checked, tested, and then released into their natural habitat.
We as people still are discovering new things about our own bodies and mental state, since the Bonobo’s are so similar to us we could study off of them to help us. We have to keep them for going extinct so we can find out more about ourselves through…