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hbhmjhvm We had just spent a week working in Ohio on a project wiring up a school for their internet. That morning my sister in law and myself were flying back to Daytona Beach. My brother was staying behind a couple of days to finalize the setup. I had not checked the news at all that morning and when we got to the airport I had noticed that everyone was glued to the monitors and TV throughout the terminal. We were going through baggage check and made our way to the boarding area and we both watched the TV. It was around 9 AM and we see the World trade Center on the news with smoke billowing out. I had never been to New York City and did not realize the size of the World trade center. from the video, to me, it had looked like a Cessna had managed to crash into the building. It wasn't until around 13 minutes later that I had watched the second plane go into the other tower live on TV that I realized the horror of what had actually happened.

I then became worried. I knew then that it would be very unlikely we would be flying anywhere that day. We boarded the plane and waited for a long time. The stewardesses came by and did a head count of everyone on the plane and then we were told the FAA had grounded all flights until further notice. We called my brother back and he picked us up. It was a week before we flew back home on the most barren plane I had ever been in. It was the three of us and two other passengers. Once I got time to think about everything and after watching…