Book Analysis Down to You by M. Leighton Essay

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Down to You by M. Leighton is a book about a girl stuck in a love triangle with twin brothers. The main character, Olivia Townsend is a regular girl going to college so she can go back home to her father to help run his business. Olivia had already planned out what she was going to do after college but those plans became complicated when she meets Cash and Nash Davenport, the twin brothers. Cash is the type of guy Olivia has always gone for. He is a dangerous, mysterious, aggressive, bad boy. He owns a club and from the first time they met he just seems to have Olivia wrapped around his finger. Every time things get heated between them with kissing or having sex she completely forgets why she should not be with him because of his bad boy image. Nash is everything any girl would need in a man. He is successful, responsible, passionate, and he is a lawyer. The only problem with Nash is that he is dating Olivia’s stuck up rich cousin, Marissa. However this does not stop Olivia from going crazy every time they talk and eventually end up hooking up.

Towards the end of the novel the story has a twist. Cash and Nash turn out to be the same guy. Cash Davenport was living two lives for years to keep his fathers secret. Olivia caught him in his lie when things between them got more intimate. He had to come clean and explain everything to her. So the life of Nash Davenport came to an end Cash had to break up with Marissa to completely end the second life lie. Lucky for Olivia the man she was more drawn to, was the real man. Nash was the complete lie.
This novel had many connections to what we have learned about human sexuality in class. The whole idea of “sex sells” was all over this book. Every character in the book was made out to be good looking with great bodies. The author emphasized the physique of each character. She constantly brought up how big Cash’s muscles are or how big Olivia’s breasts are. It was clear the author was aiming to make the reader picture the way each character looked so the author could pull the readers in more. Sex was the main topic of the book as well. Different types of sex were brought up such as oral and anal sex and how comfortable the characters had to be with each…