Analysis Of The Book 'The Hunt'

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Damion Bledsoe



One day in the summer of 2013 I embarked on a journey down on the

“The Hunt”!

Cimmaron River. I call it “The Hunt” (it was pretty illegal might i add.) On the day of “The Hunt” I woke up around 9:00 A.M. Then at about 11:00 A.M. I get a message from none other than Josh Harden. The message said “do you want to go down the the river and shoot stuff?” and i replied diligently, “Yes I would like to.” So at about 11:30 P.M. I headed out to Josh’s house. Once I got to Josh’s house another friend Chase Heskett was already there. After I had got there we decided to load up the three guns we were going to take. Of the three guns, two of them 12 gauge shotguns and the other one an SKS. Once we had the guns all loaded up in Josh’s ranger we headed down the road to the Cimmaron River, which his grandmothers land led down to. His grandmother’s land is split up into
4 different parts. The first part being the plot his grandmother’s house was on, the second being a fenced off plot for horses, the third being a second fenced off plot for a different group of horses, and lastly the fourth section of the land was

where all the hunting that his family does on. The fourth section is the biggest of the four and stretches all the way down onto the Cimmaron River. !


Once we had gotten down to the river we couldn’t help but notice a huge flock

of birds hoping around down stream to the East of us on the sand. Our whole trip was planned to mostly just go shoot at random birds on the river. So we headed down the river after the birds that we had seen. When we all got down to the birds the all started flapping, screeching, and taking off, so we hopped out of the ranger and fired off a few rounds at them. We only shot and killed a few of the birds. This definitely would not be the highlight of our trip. After this little showdown with a small flock of birds we loaded up and went back west down the river around a piece of a river that bows out far enough to where you can not see the sand without going out to the tip of the curve. Once we got the the tip of the curve and realized that there were no birds or animals down the river we turned around and started to head back to the house. On our way back to the house we spotted a huge flock of pelicans in the air, and man were they huge. We parked maybe fifty yards away from the flock of pelicans and decided to start off on foot. We made it within probably twenty yards of the pelicans before they took off flying in the opposite direction of us. Once we were close the pelicans took flight. We did not have the chance to shoot at any since although we were probably around twenty yards from them, they were about thirty

yards in the air. Although they flew away from us we knew they were sure to come back around, so we waited crouched in tall weeds waiting and hoping that they would come back. Sure enough after a few minutes here they come. Finally we get a chance to take down