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Peak Learning

How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education Program for Personal Enlightenment and Professional Success

Ronald Gross

Peak learning is taking your natural way of learning something, the way people learn when they are kids and are faced to a whole new world of knowledge. Bringing your peak learning, from simple to complicated, people will be more successful and funnier. The book, Peak Learning by Ronald Gross, is an excellent resource to understand the meaning of peak learning and it gives the reader steps to make learning easier and effective.
After reading this book, I would give it an eight on a scale 1 to 10. I consider it to be an eight just because it was written almost two decades ago and there are certain aspects that might not apply to the real life of students/readers in the present. For example, one of the activities is to record yourself in a tape and listen to it for a certain amount of days, this is a pretty easy task, nonetheless, in this society making a tape is really odd and not very common. Many people could get intimidated by this and not complete this task at all. It will be nice to see this book written with a more contemporary language.
On the other hand, this book was really interesting for me as it made me realize the importance of bringing the students back to their early years and remember how they learned their first language. In a class, I asked them to brainstorm it and think which of them can be used and applied when learning