Book Discussion Smashed by Koren Zailckas Essay example

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Discussion #1 Preface to Page 105

Quote 1. It was the promise of dinking that sustained me through all of high school’s afflictions

I feel my peers would almost agree with that statement. Maybe not to the fullest extent, but I am confident that a lot of my peers would agree with the fact that drinking was a part of there high school career. My parents would be HIGHLY disagree with this statement. My mother and father both are against drinking and if I was in high school and they thought I felt that way I would have been in a treatment center.

When I am 40 years old and I have children of my own I hope I wont have to deal with this. Lets say I do though, I will be fully dissatisfied with them and myself as a parent. I
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She is also mad at her daughter for a reason that most wouldn’t assume she is too mad over. She is mad at not taking care of her drunk friend the way she should have. Implying how she is a bad friend for leaving the party without knowing where she went to and where she was. Her mom doesn’t at all say she is mad about her being drunk. She actually says the she doesn’t care if Koren drinks she just wants her daughter in their own house while doing it. Which in my eyes indirectly supports her drinking.

Quote 8 …ever since my I barred my mom from my room.

She has something to hide. This is implying that she is leading a double life. She has the one life she portrays to her family and teachers. Then she has this completely different life that she is trying to seclude her parents from.

Quote 9 On the nights when I felt sad, particularly, I could feel my drinking accelerate

This is a very bad stage to be in. She now is openly admitting that she is using drinking as a crutch. In the future when she is sad, angry, depressed etc… You can only assume that she is going to be using drinking as her crutch to try to pull her emotions back up. What is unfortunate about this is that she has fallen into a horrible cycle. The common misconception is that you can drink away your tears. This however is quite the opposite. When you get drunk under heavy emotion you are stealing the only real processes you have to deal with the