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Book Talk: Catching Fire
It takes more than hard work to get what you want. In the realistic fiction book, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen remembers back in district 12, back in the woods, back with her sister and Gale. Unfortunately, she's forced to deal with the changes that come into her life, and she has a hard time adjusting, especially when she constantly looks back and wants to return to the way things were.
There many ways of interpreting it, and getting in trouble is one interpretation. Another may be about how certain ideas can be very catching, or how things can change so rapidly, almost as if they are catching on fire, such as the strength and magnitude of the Districts rebellion.
Another day, Katniss goes into the woods for some peace and quiet, but runs into some strangers who show her a mockingjay sign. Katniss finds out that the two strangers are rebels from District 8 on their way to 13. Katniss thinks that the Capitol destroyed District 13 long ago, but the others say it's been rebuilt. She sends them on their way, but can't shake the info they've given her. She tries to go home from the woods and realizes she's trapped outside by an electric fence. The administration is trying to get her into trouble. She has to think quickly and outwits them, but hurts herself in the process. While she's recovering, she finds out more about District 13.
After several months, another political event looms and Katniss has to pose for wedding pictures.