Somthing Intruiging

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Somthing Intruiging
Chapter 1
His teeth gleamed in the moonlight that was seeping through the cracks in the blinds. They were sharp and stained blood red.
Chocking. Gargling. Sounds that clearly indicated that death was in the room. There was a soft weeping sound emitting from the darkest corner of the room. The weeping replaced the sound of blood spurting and leaking from a struggling body as a young girl witnessed the beating of her mother and now the death of her father. He had been murdered. Finally gone. A woman lay beside the red corpse. Beaten. Bloody. Unconscious.
Standing over the mutilated corpse stood a huge figure who began to stroll powerfully across the dirty, cluttered room, towards the little girl in the corner. She whimpered pathetically as his huge body knealt before her. His eyes where dark: dangerous. Ever so slowly, he leant towards her...
Lexi bolted upright, covered in sweat from the same dream she had been experiencing for the past sixteen years. They were just snippets of the night her dad had died or been murdered or whatever. She didn't care. She just wanted the nightmares to stop and to find out who that huge man was and whether he was even real and not just a figment of her over-active imagination.
Dragging herself sleepily out of bed, Lexi headed for her small on-suite bathroom, pulling off her nightgown as she went. After turning the shower on, Lexi stood warily in front of the full length mirror as she did every morning. She stared into her own big, doubting hazel eyes and then ran them down the rest of the body she detested so much. Her hair was uncontrollable and nested on top of her head, looking as though it had lived through the world's strongest tornado. Her lips where plump and red, her breasts where average and her thighs bigger than she would have liked; they looked odd seeing as the rest of her was so petite. She hated that she was so average, so boring. She hated the little white scars that dotted around her body, proof that her 'daddy' had not been a very nice man. With an exasperated sigh, Lexi climbed into the luke-warm spray of the shower and continued with her morning routine. It was just another disappointing day to add to a long list of boring, average days that ruled Lexi's life. However, unknown to Lexi, today was the day that her life changed: forever.
Chaopter 2
White walls, white, clean floors, an atmosphere of fear and loss and a strong smell of sterilized everything eroded through Lexi's senses as she walked into the formidable Mercy Grace hospitable. It was to be another day of shadowing cocky, know-it-all surgeons in pursuit of her dream of becoming a coroner. Something about the dead just brought Lexi some piece of mind. Unlike the living, the dead cannot hurt you.
Bustling with urgency, life and death, the E.R was as busy as it was every other day. It was normal except for the tingling on the back of Lexi's sensitive neck which told another story. Something was wrong. She just knew it. So Lexi just stood there, desperately trying to figure it out. She just couldn't quite put her finger on what was causing that nagging feeling. The answer was right there in front of her, she could feel it, and she just couldn't see it.
"Alexis! Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna get your ass in here and learn something?" yelled her mentor: Jackson Karev. Reluctantly, Lexi put the nagging feeling aside and entered trauma room 3 to learn how to do her job.
The smell of blood was strong in the room. A large, bearded man lay unconscious on the bed as the doctors worked furiously to get the hemorrhaging in his brain under control. Finally, they were able to stabilize him and start getting him ready for the O.R.
"Right, Alexis, stay here with the patient while I go book an O.R. Keep an eye on his stats and if anything, I mean anything, changes, shout for assistance and we'll sort it out. I'll be back in ten minutes." Dr Karev ordered.