Romeo And Juliet

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On the way back from a Romeo and Juliet play in the car, It was at least midnight. The sky was dark but there were still little beams of light from the moon that lit up the street so they could still find where the car was when the couple exited the theatre.

‘Well that was a load of crap, what a waste of my time’ said Joe angrily.
‘I thought it was lovely it has really opened my eyes about love’ said Jenny with joy.
‘What? As if! It was utter crap, totally fake! No-one could fall in love at first sight’ Joe explained with determination in his voice.
‘I think that you can fall in love at first sight and Romeo and Juliet have even proved you can. They died for each other because they could not bear to be apart’ snapped Jenny trying to persuade Joe so he agreed with her but it didn’t look like it was working.
“They knew nothing about each other; they were of a young age. If anything it was infatuation. I think it is just stupid. You need to know them before you can claim you’re in love. What if it turns out Juliet was a total cow or she had nothing in common with Romeo and share none of the same interests? Let’s say they never had died, Their marriage would not last very long, they would get bored of each other so quick and would have nothing to talk about’ Joe grumbled.

‘They did not know anything about each-other! They knew a few things but they had mostly heard bad rumours from their families name but Romeo himself or Juliet herself was not to be blamed for their families’ mistakes. They hated the feud between their families and they knew they could end it by getting married. I think they were in love. It was not infatuation it was true real love. Juliet risked her life and her relationship with her family to be with Romeo as did Romeo make sacrifices for her as he risked his life when he climbed the orchard walls. If he had been caught he would have been killed on the spot, and he went to Verona straight away when he had heard the news about Juliet even tho he knew he would have been killed if he had been spotted in Verona since he was banished for killing Tybalt ‘ Jenny claimed.

‘They may have known a few facts about each other but they did not know each other enough to say it was real and true love because it was not. Yeah, they may have taken risks for each other but people take risks every day, It is an act of kindness. Let’s say you see a kid about to run out in front of a car to grab a ball. Would you take the risk of possibly getting hit by the car to save the kids life? As if you would forgive someone for murdering a family member! Blood is thicker than water but she chose Romeo over her family which I believe is a stupid choice, because family you may have ups and downs but they always stick by your side and they know you