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One of the many important settings in the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is at the beginning of the story when Charlie is sitting in the guidance counselor’s office at school. The reason this was an important place is because Michael, Charlie’s friend, committed suicide due to problems that were not known among Michael’s friends, family, or classmates. The guidance counselors talked to the preteens about their suicidal thoughts; all of the kids had suicidal thoughts were caused by odd reasons. For example, Bridget said, “Sometimes I think about killing myself when commercials come on during TV. I am sincere” (Chbosky 3). This shows that teens, at most times, are emotionally confused and still have a lot to learn about life.
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Once Charlie survived all the crazy talk about emotionally confused teenagers, he walked out of the counselor’s office into the hallways at school observed many of his peers. The one classmate that caught his eye was Susan. Ever since Charlie began high school, he realized Susan has changed both her appearance and personality, for better and for worse. Charlie said, “In middle school, Susan was very fun to be around. But over the summer she had her braces taken off, and she got a little taller and prettier and grew breasts. Now, she acts a lot dumber in the halls, especially when boys are around. She doesn’t even look happy anymore. I don’t know why girls tend to do this” (Chbosky 6). This shows that society changes these girls into something they are not. I think they are trying to find themselves the hard way. Charlie is confused on why many girls do this as well.

Before Charlie began high school, his brother and sister threw a party when their parents went out of town. Later that night, a couple asked if they could use Charlie’s room. Charlie wasn’t allowed to leave the room, so he sat there while the couple began to have sex. Charlie’s sister asked him, “Did they know you were in here?” Charlie responded, “Yes. They asked if they could use the room.” His sister replied, “Why didn’t you stop them?” Charlie simply said, “I didn’t know what they were doing” (Chbosky 31). This is a memorable place in the book because it shows that Charlie was a young 10 year old, confused and curious about what the high school couple had intended on doing.

At the football games is where Charlie would go on Friday nights when he didn’t want to watch television. The high school football games is an important place in this book because this is where he started to become friends with Patrick, nicknamed “Nothing” from shop class, and Patrick’s twin sister Sam. Charlie fell in love with Sam, even though he didn’t want too, but the three still continued to be the best of friends. Charlie thought, “Although I knew liking Sam wasn’t an option, Sam was very pretty and nice. She was the first girl I ever wanted to ask on a date someday” (Chbosky 20).

Charlie often dreams about his life. His dreams are an important place in the book because it tells about his life and it shows his actual feelings. At the beginning of the book, he dreamt about having sex with Sam and then when he woke up he felt bad. He cried and apologized to Sam for thinking about her that way. This shows that he is still young and doesn’t know why his mind is