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Holden Caulfield starts off with his explanation of how he lost the fencing team’s equipment after he had missed the annual football game at Prencey Prep. The fencing match gets cancelled and decides to visit his teacher Mr. Spencer. Holden had been expelled form Prencey Prep because of his poor academic grades and he wanted to say bye to his teacher. Holden goes back to his dorm while everyone else is still at the game. He decides to re-read a book, but gets interrupted by his dorm neighbor Ackly, a boy Holden finds annoying. Later on his roommate, Stradlater comes back from a date with Jane, an old friend of Holden’s, and begins to argue with him about a composition he wrote for Stradlater. Holden tries to ignore Stradlater because he believes he took advantage of Jane giving the fact that Holden describes Stradlater as a womanizer. That Saturday night, Holden packs up a few things and takes the train to New York City. He takes a cab to Edmont Hotel where he planned to stay until Wednesday. After an interesting drive, Holden walks into the Edmont Hotel and checks in. Holden explains his problems about his sexuality and it never being the right time to lose his virginity. Holden makes his way to his room whenMaurice tells him about a girl and Holden agrees. Sunny, a prostitute, arrives at his room, but Holden has a change of thought and only wants to talk causing him to get punched by Sunny’s pimp. After a restless night, Holden leaves the hotel and checks his bags into a locker at Grand Central Station. He calls up Sally Hayes and invites her on a date at the skating rink. After she declines running away with Holden gives her a rude comment about being a pain and Sally leaves. Holden gets drunk and reflects memories of his younger brother Allie who passed away. He makes his way and sneaks into his parent’s apartments and visits his sister Phoebe while his parents are away. In mid conversation with her, his parents come home and he leaves. Holden then goes to visit his former English teacher Mr. Antolini, the closest adult figure he has. Mr. Antolini gives Holden advice on his life and studies and Holden explains his feelings towards how Mr. Antolini treats him differently than his other teachers. After falling asleep on his couch, Holden wakes up in fright from Mr. Antolini patting his head. He thinks he is “flitty” and confused about the situation and his sexuality he leaves his house. Holden thinks about leaving and living as a deaf-mute, but before he leaves Monday morning he wanted to say bye to Phoebe. They meet up at the zoo and Holden tells her about his plan. Phoebe suggests that she goes with him and becomes saddened when Holden refuses. After making her upset, Holden decides not to leave after all. At the end, Holden tells the readers he got sick and lives in a mental hospital. He says that he will start school again in September and that he doesn’t know what will happen. Holden lastly states that if you talk about your own experiences you’re bound to miss the people you shared them with. The Catcher in the Rye was an amazing book for me. Holden, the main character, captivated my attention and became someone I could relate to. The book was well written and the perspective given was easy to follow. J.D Salinger gave great descriptions on the characters’ personalities and their situations. I thought I would have gotten bored a few pages into the book, but I had never been so wrong. The beginning itself is a hook that makes you wonder what will happen next. The Catcher in the Rye is a ten out of ten book. I highly recommend people to read it. It’s relatable to an extent and I believe it’s an enjoyable read. The plot of The Catcher in the Rye surrounds around the four days Holden has in New York City after being expelled from Pencey Prep. He decides roam New York City before his parents expect him to be home on Wednesday for Christmas vacation. As he goes on an adventure in New York City, Holden