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Camila Gonzalez
Mrs. Sosa
English 11-AC
8 October 2013
The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming-of–age novel written by Stephen Chbosky, an American novelist. The books starts off with a 15-year-old teenage boy named Charlie writing letters to an anonymous person about his life. In these letters he tells about how he is starting high school and what he fears of it because Michael, the only friend he once had, committed suicide the year before. Charlie is known as a wallflower and he quickly makes friends by a senior boy named Patrick. Patrick then introduces Charlie to Sam, his stepsister and later on to the rest of his group of friends. As soon as Charlie makes friends with the group it helps from getting the terrible flashbacks he has about his aunt dying on his birthday. Throughout the story, Charlie learns what it is like to have real friends by his side again and he faces many of the ups and downs of being in high school. As the story proceeds, Charlie is telling it through the series of letters he is writing to the unknown recipient. I think that the author made a very wise decision by choosing to have the story be told by Charlie because if it would have been told by another character’s perspective the reader would not have been able to fully understand Charlie’s situations through the story. The story would be very different if another person was telling it. As I was reading, I connected so well with Charlie because I got to read what he was going through and what every experience was like