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This book report is being written for my English 1 honors class.The book i am doing this report on is Beautiful Creatures by Garcia Stohl. This book has 563 pages and was published by Little Brown and Company. The year this book was published in 2009 as well as copy writed. The reasons I read this book would be I like this type of book, which is a kind of adventure/romance/and a fictional book. Also this book is now a major motion picture. The main characters in this book are Ethan L. Wate, Lena Duchane, Link (Wesly Jefferson Lincoln, Macon Ravenwood, Amma and Sarafine. Ethan and Lena are the two most important charachters, the whole story surrounds these two, everything is about them trying to stay together against all odds of Lena's coming birth day. Link, Eathans best friend helps Eathan and lena throughout the story. Macon is Lena's uncle and is just trying to do everything to protect her from going dark (evil). Amma is like a second mother to Ethan since his mom died. Sarafine is Lena's evil mother that is trying to get her to become dark. Other charachters include Ridley Ravenwood, Emily, Savvanah Snow, the basketball team, Larkin Ravenwood, Lena's grandma, Aunt Del, Geneivieve Duchanenand Ethan Carter Wate. Ridley is Lena's cousin who is helping Sarafine try to make Lena become dark. Larkin is also in cahoots with Sarafine. Lenas grandma is not that important but still helps Lena undrstand some things. Aunt Del helps Ethan and Lena find the book of moons. and Geneiveive and Ethan C. Wate are past ancestors of Lena and Ethan L. and help them find out why Lena's family is cursed. This book is a adventure/romance/and a fictional book. This book takes place in modern Gatlin, South Carolina and is st in the present. Other importnt houses would be Ravenwood Manor. This book was a book that makes you never want to put it down, with so many suprises and twist you would never be a bale to guess what happens next. The main