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Lead for God’s Sake Book Report
Alice Robinson
Lamar University

Table of Contents
Foreword by Urban Meyer
Chapter 1 – The Need to Lead
Chapter 2 – The Good Life
Chapter 3 – Missing Something
Chapter 4 – Priorities
Chapter 5 – Get Outta Here
Chapter 6 – Sharing Rock Bottom
Chapter 7 – Mondays with Joe
Chapter 8 – The Ride Continues
Chapter 9 – From the Inside Out
Chapter 10 – The Real Reason
Chapter 11 – Listening to Hear
Chapter 12 – First Things First
Chapter 13 – Searching for the Heart
Chapter 14 – Never Too Late
Chapter 15 – Reconciliation- A Real Gut Check
Chapter 16 – Influence and Responsibility
Chapter 17- Burying the Hatchet
Chapter 18 - A Real Treasure
Chapter 19 – Digging Deeper
Chapter 20 – Homecoming
Chapter 21 – Walking Through It
Chapter 22 – Celebration
Chapter 23 – The Purpose Effect
Chapter 24 – The Final Test
Chapter 25 – What Really Matters
Afterword Joe’s Book

Todd Gongwer has spent almost two decades developing his traits in leadership, cultural dynamics, and team. Gongwer also held an executive level positions in companies ranging from entrepreneurial starts up to public entitles for nearly fives years. Not only was Todd Gongwer an executive but he also served as a basketball assistant coach for over a decade. Todd Gongwer released “Lead for God’s Sake”! a parable for finding the heart of leadership.
“Lead For God’s Sake” was primary written for coaches of any sport. But anyone can read it if their looking for a great book about leadership. As the great Lou Holtz said, “ This is a book I could not put down. Every parent, coach, manager, and leader should read it. I wish I had read it 30 years ago.” Lou Holtz is a retired football player and coach as well. “Lead for God’s Sake” is a captivating story that will help you finding your purpose in life and also in leadership.
Gongwer wrote, “Lead for God’s Sake” to help any leader, coach or parent find leadership in whatever they do. As well as helping someone in life who needs direction. The book takes readers on a journey into the heart of leadership where the answers to some very important questions in life and in leadership may be answer. One of Todd Gongwer main purpose of the book was to challenge his listeners and readers to think more about the topic leadership and what lies at the very core of their purpose in life and in leadership. Gongwer once asked, “ If you have ever asked yourself why you do what you do, or wondered what your purpose is in leadership or in life, this book is for you.” Becoming a better leader is difficult but there is always the person who is willing to change in order to lead the best way as possible.
Lead for God’s Sake is a very interesting and inspiring book I’ve ever read to become the best leader you can possibly be. The lives of a very successful basketball coach, CEO, and the school’s janitor all intersect in this story about leadership, the pursuit of success, and relationship. This is a story of a high school basketball coach who suddenly finds his team of players losing their drive to win. The turning point comes when he confides in the school custodian. Coach told Joe the custodian everything that was wrong with the team – they were selfish, and no one wanted to step up to be a leader. Nothing seems to be working. Coach Rocker was out of solutions and was ready to listen to Joe the janitor’s advice. Of course Joe didn’t give advice on basketball strategy; he told coach how to deal with people and how to become the team’s leader. One of the greatest lines from the janitor was “you must change your heart before you can change someone else’s.” As the season went on Coach notice his players following his bad behavior. For example, Coach Rocker star player David broke his hand hitting something out of anger. Coach Rocker has been angry since his team hasn’t been playing to there full potential. After everything that’s been happening, Coach Rocker met with his team to