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March 27,1944:My name is Boaz I’m 19 I’ve been taken from Warsaw Poland my home, or was till the Nazi invaded. I don’t know why they hate is it because I don’t have blond hair and blue eyes. I finally made it to the “Train station” but it’s only the beginning of the end. I watch family’s get separated just then a young kid run to his father only to get rip in half by a mg-42 it is the first time I saw someone die. April 2:My only job here is to clean up after the German picking up body and burning them to ash I always ask myself “why am I not dead”?
April 18:They say I’m worthless and that today will be my last. 2 Hours later: Lining up I prepare for worst a young German probably about 16 or 17 manned the mg.The man to my right said his prayer I had my paper with my will in it in my hand I rip up what do they care they only destroy will and hope. The young boy look into my eyes just then he turn the mg killing the guards but shoot several time that young soldier save me just to die. The rest of the guards came to finish us just then shot’s came from behind but I was met with a butt of a rifle. I woke up with a uniform and jackboots then I was told to go up the hill I didn’t refuse what’s the point I walk up the hill with 20 other Jews dress as German soliders, a distraction for the Americans the one’s that want to save us now instead of helping them we’re leading them to a trap we’re just bait. As I walked up the hill I image the ovens the human ash and in one me, but