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Mr. Lindens Library By :Jamaica Harris October 13,2012 Gifted-Second block Related Arts

Trudging heavily against the concrete Jasmine was determined to find the book that whispered so atrociously in her ear. Since, school was over for the day she decided to visit the library which she had heard the unspeakable voice of terror unleash into her ears. Treading tediously to the library she hoped that the anonymous voice of the book was just a deceitful trickery her brain had played on her. Approaching the library Jasmine gasped in incredulity ,the library that once stood there yesterday was now just thin air. A look of bemusement takes over Jasmines face leading to a unfeasible twinge that seized Jasmine’s body and sent a overpowering feeling to her nerves. This edged Jasmine to pure insanity there was no natural way the mini library could have been consumed by the darkness overnight. Could it be possible?????….

The question galloped around her head all night long ,every word articulating clearer . Jasmine stared into the moon’s glorious beam and thoroughly searched for a explainable justification to the mysterious event. Yet, all her attempts failed her mind replayed the scene over and over again but found no small nuance that helped her confusion. Nothing triggered at least not anything beneficial.

The following morning Jasmine went to school and unambiguously choose to stay and research at the computer lab for whether or not Mr. lindens Library had ever truly got torn