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Book Report
Farhan Ali

Title: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monster
Author: Rick Riordan
New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Florida, Miami, The Bermuda Triangle. Present day.
Main Characters
Percy Jackson: Caring, Courageous, Sarcastic
Annabeth: Smart, Wise, Pretty
Tyson: Shy, Strong, Babyish
Grover: Afraid, Distressed, Coward
Clarisse: Bossy, Disrespectful, Impolite
Chiron: Tall, Encouraging, Mature
Luke: Evil, Cold-hearted, Hateful
Thalia: Kind, Friendly, Brave
Percy Jackson isn’t an ordinary boy; he is half-human and half-god which is called a demi-god. Percy’s mother sent him to camp half blood so he will be protected against monsters that are constantly trying to slay the demi gods. While Percy spent his time in camp half blood, he’s made friends with Annabeth, a demi-god, Grover, a satyr, and Luke, another demi-god. In the book “The Sea of Monsters” Grover has been gone for a while trying to search for the god of goats, Pan but has gotten kidnapped and is trapped on an island with a Cyclops who will eat in a few days. Percy and Annabeth will have to go on another adventure to try and save Grover and defeat the monster who is keeping their friend captive.
This book is for the type of people who like to read adventurous and Ancient Greek genres. This book has a lot of content that includes the Greek gods and all of the myths and legends that Ancient Greek has. The things included are monsters like the Hydra, Medusa, and Cyclops and includes heroes like Hercules and Perseus.