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Samantha Ann Sutherland January 13, 2014
Miss Bryan 2nd Quarter Book Report

Homeless Bird
Gloria Whelan

1. What does the title of the book suggest?
The title of the book “Homeless Bird” suggest that the main character, Koly, is like a homeless bird trying desperately to find a home, where she belongs. The title also suggests that the main character moves from place to place, not feeling welcomed.

2. Why did you choose this book to read? (Please avoid a response like, “I don’t know, it was the first one I saw.”)
I choose the book “Homeless Bird” because it seemed interesting to me, I thought I could learn a lot about the culture in India, which the main character Koly lives in compared to my culture in America.

3. What is the cultural background (country of origin, religion, cultural practices, etc.) of the main character?
Some of Koly’s cultural background, are she speaks Hindi, which is one of many languages spoken in India. She practices the religion of Hindu, this includes believing in the authority of the Vedas (the Hindu sacred writing) and the Brahmans (The highest Hindu caste). Another belief Koly has is that the law of karma that determines one’s destiny both in this life and the next.

4. In full detail, discuss three main ways in which the character’s life and culture is different than yours.
Three main ways in which Koly’s life and culture are different than mine are education, lifestyle, and religion. In India, 11 years old girls are required to quit school to help their mothers with house work, while boys continue in their education. In America you are given an education up till you are 18 years old for both boys and girls. Some ways her lifestyle is different from mine are she lives in a very small house with her family, I live in a medium size house with my family. In the book Koly has barely enough food to get by, and I have more than enough food to feed my family, and others. She uses rupees, and I use dollars. The currency ratio is 43 rupees to one American dollar. My religion is Christianity and hers is Hindu, she believes in many gods like Krishna and Rama. Where I only believe there is one god, and he has many disciples.

5. Describe in detail the conflict that the character is facing. This response must be at least one paragraph.
The conflict that the main character Koly is facing is her arranged marriage to Hari, she never met him before, and she had to go live with him and his family. When she gets there she finds out that he is very sick, and the only reason she was marrying him was to pay for him medical treatment. When he dies they bring his body to the Ganges River to cleanse his body in the sacred waters. No longer wanting to provide for her, Koly’s sass (mother-in-law) sends her on a train to Delhi, leaving her to find a place to stay where she would actually be welcome and loved.

6. What can your character’s experiences tell us about the lives of those in other cultures? (Some things to think about: family life, morality, where and how they live etc.)
My character’s experiences can tell us that people in other cultures don’t have all the freedoms that we Americans have. We as Americans, I think don’t realize all the perks we have compared to other people and their cultures, we live in a place where food is plenty for most, and where we the women have all rights that men do. In other countries people don’t have the right amount of food to feed their families, and women don’t have all the rights that men do.

7. Does the character’s social group live with difficulties or discrimination?
Yes, Koly’s social group lives with difficulties, they barely have enough food to provide for their families, so the mothers give their children the food that they would normally eat, because no mom wants to watch their child starve.

8. Describe one particular episode in the book that you remember the most. YOU MUST EXPLAIN THE EPISODE AND SAY WHY IT