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Tyrone Taylor
Period 3
Britt Lit
Mrs. Nelson
Have you ever developed a relationship with someone who was so much like you that it seemed you were practically Brother or sister? Or an relationship with your Father or Mother that is so deep that you can talk them about any situation or any problem. In the book THE CHOSEN by Chaim Potok it deals with two different types of relationships from the perspective of four main characters in the book. The Friendship of the two main characters Danny and Reuven, The Relationship between Reuven and his Father David Malter, and the Relationship of Danny and his Father Reb Isaac Saunders Proving that the importance of relationships that we have with People can affect and Influence us in many ways.
The example of a friendship used in this story highlights around the Friendships of the two main characters in the story Danny and Reuven who are both alike in many ways. These boys first meet in a baseball where they first end up hating each other in the beginning of the book not only because of the sport but the religious ties that two teams had. However the boys Rivalry or hate comes to an end when an incident causes Reuven to end up then the Hospital. When Danny Comes to visit for the incident that he caused the boys themselves find out how much they have in common. For example Danny and Reuven are both of Jewish Faith showing that have a lot in common Religiously. The Boys are also very intelligent when comes to not only religious aspects but in school to. The boys both figure out that they want to college to Pursue different dreams in school. However the boys also had many differences as well. The fact that Danny is Hasid also shows that these two young characters are also very different to each other as well. For example the boys have different story’s, for example the Danny has two siblings a brother and a sister and a mom when Reuven has lost his mom and no Sibling at All. These two things the fact they are different Religiously and the fact there homes are different may play a role in how these two boys are raised. The parenting styles these fathers used may have had the same result but brought them up in different ways.
In the story the Relationship of Reuven and his father are also extremely an important to the story. The most important part of their relationship is how the father and son communicate so easily to each other instead they’re not being any communication at all. Unlike most kids who do not actually like talking to there fathers Reuven and David Malter his father are able to talk and discusses all the time about questions he might have about life or Religious Questions. Due to this you can tell that the way David Malter raises his son is in a ethical, Caring, Intellectual environment by the time he spends with his son. Also in the way David Malter Brought up Reuven shaped the way he approaches things. Maybe because the conversations that Reuven and his father David Malter Had taught Reuven to better improve self every chance he gotten an opportunity. However when a trail came up Reuven life of his dad having heart attacks it caused Reuven to feel like he was