Book Report Hatchet

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Hatchet Book Report The book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen has a few characters and each character has affected the protagonist Brian Robenson in some way. His mother and father split because of the secret, and only Brian and his mom know the reason why she had the divorce. Brian saw his mom cheat on his dad with another man which was the secret but his mom didn’t know that he knew the secret. Brian is going into a plane to go visit his dad in Canada but, sooner than later the pilot died, the plane is going to crash in the forest, and Brian has to survive the forest and himself. Brian would be forced with difficult decisions and must teach himself on how to survive the forest of Canada.

Brian was in a plane on his way to go visit his dad in Canada
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He broke a hole into the plane and went into it to see what he could find. Brian found a survival pack, but he also found fish eaten the pilot’s rotten corpse. He then realised that means he been eaten the fish with the pilot in them, so he was eating the pilot. After getting the survival pack from the plane he started emptying it and he saw so many things that were really useful. There was a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a cooking set, lighters and matches, a knife, a first-aid kit, instant food, a cap with the word CESSNA on it, a fishing kit, a gun kit, and a transmitter. When Brian held the rifle, he had a strange feeling that he was just seporated from all of the nature around him. When he saw the transmitter he was confused because it didn’t do anything when he turned it on, so he just put it to the side for then. Brian started to prepare a meal, when all of the sudden he sees a plane and it starts to land on the lake. A guy steps out of the plane and said he got the signal from the transmitter. The guy flies Brian back home. Brian was given the pictures and tapes of his camp and he still has dreams about his experience. For about a week after returning it seemed as his parents would get back together, but then everything went back to usual. Years after