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Just like Rodolfo says in the article, the definition of race just resembles bacteria, because it has an uncanny ability to resist cures. “Racism includes variants with unusual traits which have the ability to withstand an antibiotic attack on a microbe. For the moment the remedy kills the bacteria but it can resist them.” Many things such as social antibiotics, popular culture, media. “Aside from color, the Black experience has included more than 200 years of civil rights struggle. Among the Latino groups only the Mexicans and the Puerto Ricans have this kind of history. The lack of exposure to the U.S. bacteria leaves them without a language to define racism and it, there fore, goes unnoticed.” After reading the article, I consider that this is one of the reasons for the illusive race problems. “The truth be told, most nonwhite groups have fought for the right to be white or at least near white, being white carries entitlements or privileges. Africa Americans realized that being lighter meant a relief from back breaking fieldwork.” This is the second reason I consider. Many slaves are black at that period time, they lived tough lives. However, white people own their white privileges, they had comfortable jobs and earn much money than the black people, and so black people have a rooted deep opinion that if they are not black, they would live a better live. “The castas in new Spain passed for white because they looked it. It became part of the culture of…