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Honors English III
20 December 2013
Book Review The Daylight War, by Peter V. Brett, is the third book in the Demon Cycle series. It is about how the people of a postmodern day world fight every night against demons who rise from the Core to terrorize the people. The only thing that keeps them safe are the magical wards they use to repel them. There are two main guys who people believe will be the Deliverer and lead them in the last war against the demons. The first is Arlen Bales, he was a messenger who traveled to a distant land where men still fought the demons at night. He found the resting place of the last deliverer who lived 300 years ago and found the Spear of the Deliverer which was covered in offensive wards that were thought to be lost. When the people of this land figure out he had this spear the betrayed him and took it. They left him in a desert oasis to die. He had drawn the wards in his journal and drew them on himself to fight off the demons. This led to him tattooing himself with offensive and defensive wards all over his body. As a result of this he absorbed the magic from the demons through these wards. This made him faster, stronger, and even heal faster. He is beginning to learn new powers as the book progresses. He has an internal conflict with if he really is the Deliverer or not. The second man is Jardir, the one who betrayed Arlen and took the spear then proclaimed himself the deliverer. Jardir has invaded the northern lands and rapes, pillages, and destroys their culture. He wants to unite the whole world under his rule to fight the Last War. The external conflict is between Arlen and Jardir, Arlen wants to give the people the ability to protect themselves under their own free will, but Jardir wants to force all people to fight for him. They both end up fighting in the end but you will have to read it to find out what happens. Arlen Bales is a character who has been through a lot of struggles and has persevered, he is the hero that everyone wants to stand by. Jardir is the