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Clay Jensen, a typical high schooler. Avoids being at home and spending ‘’bonding time’’ with his mother and keeps his talk about his romantic relations to a minimum. His heart is shattered when his crush Hannah Baker, whom he’d gone to school with but merely knows by a distance commits suicide. With this news clay also receives a package in the mail with thirteen taped recorded messages inside, plus a map with a number of places circled. There is also no return address. Clay plays the tapes immediately and is shocked to find out that they are from Hannah, giving thirteen reasons why she ended her life. Hannah speaks on thirteen different people and the role they played in her life.
The tapes that she sent before her death ask each person to listen to it all the way through, then to pass them on in such an order that all the chosen people hear what she has to say. She wants this to be a private matter and warns the designated people that someone with a second copy of the tapes will be forced to share this matter publicly. Hannah sends these people these messages in hopes that they will listen to with their hearts instead of their ears. Clay follows each and every one of Hannah’s stories closely, he even travels with the map of each thought out location, he desperately wants to obey her last requests and to hear her story because he is dying to understand, but as he continues to travel he in turn thinks about his own actions and how they affected Hannah as well. He regrets many things but also reflects on many mistakes as well. While he continues to work towards understanding he learns many life lessons, he learns to speak up and that every action has a reaction and affects others in some way. The overall message of Jay Asher’s, ‘’Thirteen reasons why’’ is as we go on in life we need to understand and become more aware of how we affect peoples lives each and every day. Although we may not always realize it, some people aren’t always as strong as others, and what we take as a joke could ultimately affect someone’s life . I began to read “Thirteen reasons why’’ my senior year of high school and I was a bit skeptical, Although throughout the book I do realize Hannah’s