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Ian Sung
Professor Bordogna
English Composition 101
June 23, 2014
Critical Book Review: Not for Sale The non-fiction novel by David Batstone 'Not for Sale' starts his book with interesting quotes "More than 30 million slaves live in our world today", "Go behind the facade in any major town or city in the world today, and you are likely to find a thriving commerce in human beings". (Batstone 1) The author undeceives readers about human trafficking and reality of slavery. In each chapter the author focuses on an actual victims of human trafficking from 5 different continents, which are about sex slavery, prostitution, bonded laborers, child soldiers, and domestic servitude. This book communicates with readers to unveil the massive and global crisis of the modern day human trafficking. The human trafficking is serious and ongoing problem that is more likely to be happened in developing countries. In many developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia where children are sold for labor in many factories. "Thailand is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation," the report explains. (Batstone 20) The author describes a story of a nine-year old boy named Chan, who was sold to a factory owner in Mae Sai, Thailand. His father was a drug mule, who leaves early in the morning across the border to meet Thai supplier and smuggles drugs back Burma. Unfortunately, it did not take long for Burmese soldiers to find out what Chan's father was doing and murder him. As a single mother without any source of income and two children, she sells her children to the garlic factory. Not only the author explains about how these individuals have become slaves but also he describes about their lives as slaves. Moreover, what is so distinct about the author's description of Chan's story is that the author mentions the country's economic backgrounds, supported with statistics, as well as the solution and efforts to overcome the fundamental problem. Another theme that author describes in this novel is prostitution. Today, the prostitution is widely spread around the globe. "The final destination for the victim will likely be the