Book Review- Share Jesus Without Fear Essay

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Book Review:
Share Jesus Without Fear

Author Information
William Fay began his walk and personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1981. Before this, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million-dollar corporation linked to the Mafia, which was involved in racketeering, bookmaking and gambling. He also owned one of the largest brothels in the United States. After receiving Jesus, he went to Bible school and graduated from Denver Seminary in 1987. He is now a renowned evangelist who has written many books on contemporary evangelism. He is also a pastor, chaplain and nationally syndicated radio personality, who has shared his faith with over twenty five thousand of people.

Linda Evans Shepherd is the co-author
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Fay's approach in evangelism is based on the Bible which he believes to be God’s word. He quotes scripture to support his approach to evangelism. He emphasizes the necessity for every believer to live out their belief. Fay is of the opinion that if Christians will show the love of Christ in their lives as well as, through their words, then they will be as attractive to sinners as Christ was. In doing this he is assuming that he is addressing a Christian audience seeking a way forward for evangelism. It is therefore a book that is relevant to those who already believe in Jesus Christ as well as the validity and authority of the Scripture. The book, Share Jesus Without Fear is not relevant or useful to non-believers or in general to people who do not believe in the validity and authority of scripture.

In challenging the “sin of silence”, William Fay ponders on the question of what makes a "good" Christian. He contends that a person cannot be a "good Christian" without sharing his or her faith in Jesus? He is literally saying a good Christian cannot be silent because evangelism is an act of obedience driven by faithfulness to God. It is as if he is confronting the reader and saying that if the reader isn't sharing his or her faith then he or she isn't a good Christian. This could be offensive but it indeed drives home the point that the “sin of silence” cannot be tolerated.

Because of the simplicity of Fay’s writing